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is a team effort here. los angeles airport police, lapd, you're going to also have the joint terrorism task force. that basically is made up of agencies you've described. looks like we might have had a hero tsa officer here wounded. he might have tried to confront or stop the gunman. police in l.a., i've been out there and worked with them before, they are very good. it's a large facility with a lot of police. so quickly this guy was taken down where he couldn't hurt a multitude of people. >> the faa is telling nbc news there is a ground stop in effect for lax. the flights are on the ground bound for lax, will be held on the ground. you can see we've got air yeeri. this happened 12:30 eastern time, 9:30 a. time, pacific time. because of the east coast delays, east coast bad weather, there were a lot of people in those terminals. mike taibbi still standing by for us in l.a. mike, at this point, what are you hearing from the lapd? >> well, the lapd is still on the scene, obviously, because there have been unconfirmed reports bouncing back and forth on the scanners and radios there might have
, which is 9333 in the biltmore hotel in los angeles to johnson's suite which is 7333. he comes down the back stairs three times to try to get lyndon johnson to withdraw from the ticket. it's the most humiliating -- it's a day of utter humiliation for lyndon johnson. he never forgot it. there are other incidents where you say each of these men were trying as hard as they could to get some sort of psychological advantage over the other. it really never stops until robert kennedy is assassinated in 1968. when he is, lyndon johnson calls clark clifford, who is the secretary of defense, and therefore is in charge of arlington national cemetery. he knows the kennedys want robert kennedy buried there near his brother. johnson asked clifford if there's any way in which he can deny robert kennedy to be buried at arlington. this feud never stopped. >> i wanted to play some of lady bird's auto diary from that day. here you have finally the widow, newly widowed jacqueline kennedy comes to the plane. apparently according to "passage of power" people around jackie kennedy thought lyndon johnson h
entire waive life will change. it will first affect tel aviv but later new york, nebraska, los angeles. we have to deal with it not to buy aluges, to see it and see if real diplomacy worked. we just talked so much about president kennedy right now. what did president kennedy do in the crisis? he did not go to war on the other hand and surrender on the other hand. he looked for a third way for a very assertive courageous policy to address a critical issue for the united states and free world. the kennedy approach is what is needed now. if the president will endorse such an approach and promote tough diplomacy he might have a chance of achieving a great historical achievement. if god forbid he does not, the legacy of this period of time, 2014 might be remembered throughout the century as the year when the world went nuclear. it's not only about iran. if iran will go nuclear, the world will go nuclear and the 21st century will become nightmarish. we must prevent that and address the issue seriously with intellectual courage and integrity. >> ari, briefly since the stakes are so high. >> i
community, i guess, is in los angeles. >> about one in four, as i pointed out in that report, one in four million live in southern california alone. it's a huge contingent and cohort here in southern california. looking at the relief efforts, four days into it. there are two ways. one in the filipino community, churches, you saw smaller events, impromptu walks and runs and other efforts. sometimes not a lot of money involved. $5 or $600 in san francisco. the cliche applies every little bit helps in a situation like this. the other part is the institutional and corporate response. the big stuff. this is so huge a disaster as we saw in dr. nancy's extraordinary report. it's hard to imagine making the calculation what's needed because so much is needed. more than can possibly be supplied than to head off a tragedy in the philippines. but the corporate world, ngo world, the world of pre-existing relief organizations has kicked up into high gear now. we're tracking some of that. there's an outfit in mammoth lakes, mammoth lakes medical, three surgery teams over there. here is an anecdote to ta
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)

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